METAL CHECK GmbH Austria is a member of the Fachverband Ingenieurbüros.

Engineering firms are highly qualified specialists in their respective fields of activity, since the qualifications required by the owner of an engineering office are the most stringent of the Austrian trade regulations.

Excerpt from the Commercial Code:

Section 134 of the Commercial Code

(1) The commercial scope of the Ingenieurbüros (§ 94 Z 69) covers the consultation, the constitution of plans, calculations and studies, the conducting of investigations, verifications and measurements, the elaboration of projects, the supervision of the execution of projects, the acceptance of projects Projects and the examination of the project execution, including the examination of the project-related invoices as well as the preparation of expert opinions in relevant subject areas corresponding to a course of study or at least a four-semester postgraduate degree from a domestic university, a Fachhochschule or an institution of higher education.

We are not a manufacturer and do not participate in the execution of the work itself. We therefore work independently, neutrally and above all for our client, for whom we advise, plan, calculate, investigate and monitor.

Our focus is on materials science, especially in the field of welding and testing technology. Further information is available in the respective sub-items of our menu.