With the right tool to the goal. The right software as a tool.

Industry 4.0 – A concept with a future

The Industrie 4.0 concept describes the targeted convergence of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies with classic production and logistics processes as well as their resources – technology and company-wide. Products are becoming more individualized, their lifecycle shorter and the company environment increasingly complex. In order to meet these challenges successfully, Industrie 4.0 focuses on intelligent production and logistics systems.


Integration of different IT systems for different, cross-company process steps

Industry 4.0, a concept which is not only used in the production and logistics sector. The Metal Check Group is committed to innovation and efficiency in the processing.

Since mid-2015, Metal Check GmbH Austria has been developing a comprehensive reporting database with intelligent logic and data networking.

Our customers can access real-time test results in real-time and can take advantage of the results and possible repair proposals almost without delay.

The goal of the development is to intelligently link all components (assignment, execution, evaluation, customer feedback and allocation). The customer is involved in all our considerations in order to achieve the optimum. Do you have special software requirements? Our technical know-how in connections with our partner, a top specialist for systems and programming, will be happy to help you.