The Metal Check Group offers the following test services in Austria and Germany:

  • Ultrasonic tests (UT)
  • Transmittance or X-ray tests (RT)
  • Surface cracking tests such as the magnetic powder and dye penetrant tests (MT / PT)
  • Visual checks (VT)
  • Tightness tests (LT), with vacuum, test gas or pressure change method
  • Thermographic tests (TT)
  • Ultrasonic tests, with special test methods “Phased Array” and “T.O.F.D.”
  • Mobile roughness and hardness tests (HT)
  • Material analyzes with X-ray fluorescence (RFA, PMI)
  • And much more (on request)

For this purpose, we have examiners, qualified and certified according to EN ISO 9712 (Alt: EN 473), EN 4179 and NAS 410. In addition, we maintain a “written practice” according to American guidelines (ASME) and some auditors are authorized ASME.

The topic of SGU (Safety Health Environment) is also important to us. Our QM system is also managed and lived according to the specifications of the SCC.

Corresponding proofs are available in the download area or on request.